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Monday 7 August 2017

August Destination Inspiration - First stop....

Hello and welcome to the first of our Destination Inspiration posts for August. A new travel bag awaits us and it includes:

Product - Texture Paste
Technique - Layering
Colour - Neutrals
Substrate - Glass (bottles / jars etc)

I didn't find inspiration came quickly with this mix but creativity is a journey and I just put one foot in front of the other and went with an idea. I had just finished a jar of Marmite and thought the jar might make a good substrate! Here is what I came up with:
Vintage Marmite Jar - Nikki Acton
There is probably not anyone in the UK who doesn't know what Marmite is and I think it is available in many countries although it may not be quite so ubiquitous as here in the UK. The marketing slogan here is 'Love it or Hate It' - and you have probably guessed I love it! It is made in Burton Upon Trent which is my home town - so I grew up with it.

Here is how I made my Vintage Marmite jar!

Firstly I gave the entire jar a coat of Deco Art Crackle paint and once dry and cracked, sealed it with matt medium. I then added a wash of raw sienna and some burnt umber.
I then worked on some embellishments. I took a piece of material I had lying around that I must have stiffened slightly and cut it into an oval before adding some burnt sienna to colour it.
Once dry I added crackle texture paste to the centre - spreading thickly - like my Marmite!
While this was drying I also prepared some embellishments - some letters and a strip of muslin.
Once the crackle texture paste on my oval material was dry I added Transparent Yellow Oxide and started to put it together. I then decided I needed another layer - so cut a piece of canvas slightly larger than my oval to form the base layer. Ever forget what is in your crafty stash? I suddenly remembered I had a banner punch very similar to the one on the branded Marmite jar - so punched this from card and added a little burnt sienna. I finished off with a little mdf heart.
Vintage Marmite Jar - Nikki Acton
Vintage Marmite Jar - Nikki Acton
Thanks for stopping my today and do join us again next Monday for the next stop on this month's journey.

Happy crafting!
Addicted to Art


  1. Oh, my goodness, Nikki, this is an amazing transformation of a Marmite jar (so cute!) You've achieved the most wonderful crackle many times over! Great idea to spread your 'Marmite' on your fabric label! Really creative use of those travel bag goodies! Hugs!

  2. Brilliant Nikki, what a transformation and what a super cool idea!! Who would have ever thought that a humble jar of Marmite could look so cool!!! We have the large jars in our house (hubby loves the stuff) but I know it comes in various sizes, and I can just imagine how cool a little collection of these would look on a shelf... Like Sara said, the crackle looks superb and the embellies are wonderful, - love that banner punch! Fantastic use of the travel bag ingredients, love this!!!

  3. Well Nikki, a Marmite jar never looked so good! I feel I should apologise for being in the 'hate it' camp but I absolutely LOVE what you have done with the jar! The crackle looks superb and you are so right, the little banner is a perfect match. Love the fabric too! Such a clever piece and ingenious use of the contents of the travel bag!! xx

  4. Those little jars of Marmite are just so cute -yep theres one in my cupboard as I speak . Like you ,I'm a lover not a hater, though I have to confess to favouring vegemite over it. Have you tried the marmite cheese babybels? Yum!! oops I digress .... Back to your creativity, Nikki- Inspired and the result is fabulous . Love all the links you have made to 'marmite' with the colour tones , the spreading of the paste, the label and the little wooden heart. Not forgetting the crackle- it looks fantastic.
    Terrific use of the contents of the travel bag x

  5. How fantastic to see the Marmite jar so transformed. The underlying crackle is glorious with those antiquing washes of colour, and your fabric crackle panel is inspired - what an amazing idea. I love your banner too - and yes, I'm a Marmite-lover too, though I often go months (or even years) without thinking of eating it... and then I'll get a sudden craving. Brilliant use of the travel bag contents - bravo!
    Alison x

  6. Wow, what a fantastic transformation of the humble Marmite jar, I love it - your creation and Marmite. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  7. fantastic DI post Nikki and I love the altered Marmite Jar xx Lots of yummy details and the texture is amazing.....great use of the travel bag contents
    Huge hugs
    Annie xx

  8. What a great little jar you repurposed Nikki! I bought a jar of Marmite with a little stuffed Paddington Bear attached because I liked the bear- they don't typically sell Marmite here in the US (I don't think?!) - this was at a discount gifty type store - but when I opened the Marmite and took a spoonfool - Yuck! I HATE IT! (sorry!) What a strange taste!! threw out the jar - kept the bear! But YOUR jar is definitely worth keeping! Wonderful crackle and layering of labels - super creative idea for the items in your travel bag!! Julia xx

  9. Nikki, I just loved that you used something so personal and part of your heritage in this project! And wow! What a cool shape and absolutely amazing transformation! The texture alone has me drooling and I just love your use of the neutral palette and banner! Amazing and such an inspiration. Hugs, Autumn

  10. What a beautiful jar, Nikki! What a great transformation! I really love it, my friend.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA loveeeeee this!! As a Canadian living in the US with a NZ mom I grew up eating Marmite. My entire family thinks I am bonkers for loving it. Great idea & love the step outs!! I am going to have to eat faster & make my own!

    1. LOL! Definitely not bonkers - it's great stuff! xx

  12. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! Nikki xx

  13. Wow! That crackle really is fabulous - great to see how you achieved it! Love this as much as I love Marmite (Marmite and peanut butter on toast is my favourite way to eat it!) A brilliant transformation! Chrisx

  14. Wow Nikki, look at that amazing crackle. Wonderful transformation, would look great with some little wild flowers in too. Love this . Tracy x

  15. Oh Nikki, this is quite brilliant! Adore the crackle texture and the addition of the thickly spread 'marmite' label was a perfect addition (although I have to admit I am in the hate it camp when it comes to marmite or vegemite!). An inspired use of the travel bag contents, thanks so much for sharing it, Deb xo