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Monday 6 October 2014

Destination Inspiration - Ice Resin

Hi Vintage Journey Travelers - S@ndy here - it is my pleasure to be your guide today as we explore Ice Resin.

First thing is, STOP HORDING IT AND USE IT!  I've heard so many of my friends and team mates tell me they've had some Ice Resin in their stash but for some reason haven't used it yet.  Well - I'm here to tell you that it's fun and easy. 

You are going to love the results because this resin dries crystal clear and is self leveling and self doming. You can use it in layers and it dries seamlessly.

Let's get started:

You can purchase Ice Resin in a couple different ways, both available from our lovely sponsor Country View Crafts. 

You can buy it in the system shown below.  All you need to do is press the plunger on top and you will get a perfect mixture each time with no measuring.  The only additional items you will need is a cup and a stir stick.

Or you can buy it in larger quantities, my personal preference, as shown below.  Country View Crafts has a complete kit that will get you started.

Before you mix up your resin you will want to get your project(s) ready to go.  Your choices are limitless for this, you can purchase bezels, casting molds or make something to contain your resin.  I have shared some of my projects toward the end of this post to help inspire you.

Shown below are some products from Media MiXage that are great because they have the bezel and die to match.  Got to love that!  Also available at Country View Crafts.

Here are a few more: 
 Shown below are several different kinds of casting molds.  The light blue ones are from Krafty Lady, the darker ones are Martha Stewart and the pink one is made from Mold and Pour.  These molds are designed to release the resin and are soft and flexible.  On the right you will notice some Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap which makes fabulous resin paper which I will talk about in a minute.
Here are a few more things I found around my studio that will work well.
While shopping I found some Halloween ice trays so decided to try them.  I won't know if it has worked until I remove the resin from the mold. 
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

For this pour I prepared a leaf mold by brushing it with Perfect Pearls and removing the excess.  One is brushed with green and the other is gold.  The examples below show how the resin looks when used with Perfect Pearls, the color is embedded in the resin and stays true and does not rub off.  Ok, now we are ready to mix our Ice Resin.

When using this two part method, as in baking, measuring is important.  All you need to do is measure two equal parts and pour them together in a cup.  Here I used 2 ozs. of each, doesn't seem like much but it does go a long way.  
With your stir stick - simply stir for two minutes.  Set it aside for five minutes.

After five minutes has pasted you are ready to pour.  Simply pour the resin into the molds or bezels.

When using a casting mold. you will want the resin flat with the top of the mold.  When using a bezel, you will want to fill it as full as possible without running over.
The resin will make a dome.  Most air bubbles will work out while it is sitting but if you still see some, you can pop them with a pin.

With the amount I mixed up I was able to pour the two leaves, and the pumpkin which is larger than most molds.  The small amount left in the cup was used to make some resin paper.  Using a disposable foam brush I simply brushed a thin coat of resin on the tissue wrap.  Be sure to use your non stick mat for this.  When dry you can peel the paper from the mat.  The paper becomes glossy and transparent.  When dry the paper can be Alcohol Inked and die cut to make a strong element for any project.  I like to brush it on both sides, it is messy but worth it.

OK, now for me, the hard part.  Some things will cure faster that others but I always wait 24 hours before I remove anything from the mold.  It is very tempting to touch it- but don't do that!!  You will have fingerprints on your project. 
I'll be back in 24

Here we are 24 hours later with the results.  You can see from this photo how easily the resin comes out of the mold.  And I was so happy that the pumpkin turned out great.  It was a little harder to release but it's fine.

Here you can see the difference when using Perfect Pearls.  You can see that the colors mixed on the green one but I'm ok with that.

Here is the paper, it is now very strong and transparent.

Some ideas to share-
The face on this journal cover was cast with resin, then painted with gesso and sprayed.  Great 3D embellishments.

For a complete tutorial on the jewelry seen below go to:

For a complete tutorial on the pocket watch (my January tag) go to:

A couple of projects that I did some time ago.

In the bottom of this one I used red Stickles all over the bottom of the bezel, let dry over night, added some gears (if you want your embellishments to stay put - you need to use a little clear glue to hold them in place.  If not glued down they may float)I then put in a thin layer of Ice Resin.  After 24 hours - I went back and added my embellishments and a final layer of Ice Resin.  Oh yes, another 24 hours.

On the sample below I made a frame out of wire, glued a piece of resin paper on the back, trimmed around it.  I added some embellishments and then added more resin.  Fast, fun and easy!

I hope you have enjoyed our venture into Ice Resin and you have been inspired to give it a try.
Have a great week and try something new!!  Like Ice Resin.
Sponsored by:  Country View Crafts
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  1. LOL..."Stop Hoarding It and Use it" yes I am so guilty of that too. I bought a solder kit two years ago and just last weekend I finally got around to mastering it. I also have some of this fab Ice Resin and your demonstration sure has inspired me to look for it and put it to use too. Lovely work Sandy, thank you for the "push" and the "inspiration".

  2. Whoa. What a cool product. I'd never heard of it before. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Sandy......thank you so much for sharing your experiences with Ice Resin, which is already at top of my wish list along with everything Would there be much of a difference between this and Glossy Accents? Also if I were to purchase the bigger bottles roughly how long is the shelf life after opening? Also love what you did with the tissue paper. Thanks again for sharing. I'm off to see the tutorial. Karen.x

    1. Hi Karen,

      Your Ice Resin will last a VERY long time as long as you keep it sealed tightly - I store mine in a drawer away from the light. Each part is individual so will only react when mixed together.

      IR will always remain clear and flexible in a thin layer, like on the paper. No yellowing as Glossy Accents can do after awhile. Please feel free to email me with any other questions you may have.

    2. Thanks so much Sandy. Karen.x

  4. Great tutorial, Sandy, I've often thought about buying ice resin, you got some great results and I love how it coats the tissue paper!

  5. Hi Sandy, I had to laugh, guilty as charged- I've had ice resin for a couple of years and not used it! What a great tutorial, loved your ideas. Definitely inspired to try, thanks.

  6. LOVE your jewellery pieces Sandy. Having seen lots of your stunning creations recently I want to come and learn more from you! You're right, ICE Resin is such great stuff to use and surprisingly easy for the professional results you get. Yes Karen, it is TOTALLY different from Glossy Accents as it sets rock hard and super smooth if left overnight. A super tutorial. Thank you so much. Jenny x

  7. Thank you Sandy for such an interesting look at Ice Resin. You have made some great things and explained everything so clearly. Now rather tempted to try this product

  8. Oh Sandy, this is just the best DI ever!!! I have often read about Ice Resin, and though I have several of the bezels, I have no IR and have therefore never tried it yet. You have just given me the push I needed I think. Your jewellery pieces look so amazing, I love the moulds too, specially with the perfect pearls added, and wow, the IR paper, never seen that before, so brilliant!!!! The journal cover was I think the first piece I saw when I visited your blog for the very first time and I just loved it! This whole tutorial is just fantastic, thanks so much, a real inspiration!!!

  9. Thank you S@ndy for a totally inspiring tutorial. I have a pack of the IR and have been worried about using it but you make it look so easy that it has now gone to the top of my list to try soon. Those three winged pieces you made are absolutely stunning and I love the beautiful canvas too. Fantastic inspiration!! Anne x

  10. Brilliant S@ndy, yes I am one of those hoarders who have some and not used it, so now I am excited about trying it and must find some time to have a go. Such a well explained and visually informative post. TFS.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  11. Fabulous tutorial Sandy and very inspiring. I have molds but no IR. I also have some SKL papers and now I know how to use them. Your jewellery and canvas is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing how to use this wonderful product

    Hugs Annie x

  12. Lots of fantastic ideas and tips here, S@ndy, thank you! And yes, I'm another one with IR sitting waiting to be used for the first time... now I'm really looking forward to having some time to play!
    Alison xx

  13. Hi Sandy, what a great tutorial and I'm feeling inspired to get out my ice resin. I used it regularly when I first purchased it, but has sadly lay on shelf since. Loved your designs.
    Julie x

  14. Sandy this is a fabulous tutorial and I now feel totally inspired to buy some and give it a go. It is something I have not thought to get until now, so thank you! I have loads of moulds from my paper clay work and I love the way you have brushed them with perfect pearls before adding the resin. Your jewellery is wonderful too. Thank you for such a great DI. Jennie x

  15. Fabulous tutorial Sandy. I dont have any but now I want some!! Nikki xx

  16. Oh do I love this! I have moulds and have moulds and I do like very much the idea of the Ice Resin! Great tutorial and artwork, Sandy! Must not find some IR!

  17. Fantastic inspirations!
    I have all the items just not the main ingredient have always wanted to have a go
    Love the effect with perfect pearls

    Thank you for a fab insight into the products many uses and your beautiful artwork

    Jools x

  18. Thanks for this gorgeous tutorial! I'm feeling inspired to get out my ice resin. I bought it last year and not used it till now.

    Gaby xo

  19. How exciting! I am one of those who purchased the Ice Resin - and then proceded to let it sit in my craft room - untouched! It's coming out this week for sure - I even have some of the molds and bezels you show! whoo hoo!! Thanks for all of this wonderful inspiration Sandy!

  20. GREAT job, Sandy!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!


  21. I love the pearlescent embellishments. Pardon my ignorance..... I understand that resin poured into a mold will be lifted out but it seems that resin poured into bezels is not taken out? You decorate them with whatever right into the bezel? Sorry if I am asking a dumb question :)