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Monday, 13 June 2016

Destination Inspiration - Arriving at Terminal 2

Hello everyone, Alison here, arriving at Terminal 2 of our Destination Inspiration posts this month.  Just to remind you, here's what's in the travel bags...

Substrate - Canvas
Colour - Bubblegum Pink
Technique - Texture Paste through a Stencil
Product - Lace

I hope you've already seen Jennie's lovely creation at Terminal 1, and here's where I landed up with the contents of my luggage...

It's a pretty chunky 6x6 canvas, so there was lots of room to play on the sides too.  But it also means that we're pretty photo-heavy today in order to try to catch things from every angle!

Pink isn't a colour I use often (though it has been known - there are some links in the sneak peek back over at Words and Pictures if you're curious), and I simply don't have anything which would count as a true Bubblegum Pink, so I cooked up a combination of Picked Raspberry and Worn Lipstick which I hope is quite bubble-gummy.  And, since straight pink doesn't quite look like "me" to me, I added in the spice of some Ripe Persimmon and some soft Dried Marigold to the mix.

I started by gluing several lengths of lace across the lower part of the canvas and then stencilled texture paste through one of Andy Skinner's stencils, all of this spilling over the sides too, of course.

I gave it all a coat of DecoArt Everlasting Chalky Finish (White) and then a coat of the Primitive (a soft stone colour) after that as I'd decided to add some crackle (of course).  I applied the crackle glaze (the one specially formulated for the chalk paints) with my finger so that I could be nice and random with how thickly or thinly it was spread in different places.

Once dry, I went again with the Everlasting, and it crackled up nicely to give a weathered, aged finish (excuse the deep shadows - morning sunlight on my craft desk!).

Then I started adding my colours... just love how they split and run over the cracks and the lettering.  You'll notice it's mostly nice and bright here...

... but as it dried overnight, it took on a softer hue, especially over the lace.  I could have solved that with a layer of matte medium and reapplying bright colours over that, but I rather liked the slightly gentler effect.

As you can see, I lightened up towards one corner of the canvas - it's mostly just Worn Lipstick and Dried Marigold up here.

And of course, the colour shading carries on over the sides...

 so that the bottom edge is pretty full on...

... as is the right hand side.

The left side shades towards the pastels as the front of the canvas does...

... and the top is very pale and subtle except for the right end where it meets the full on colour again.

It took me a while to sort out exactly what was going to go on top of all this colourful texture.  I knew flowers had to be part of it... 

But it took me a while to decide a photo was also needed, and then to get the right photo.  This beauty is from one of Finnabair's ephemera packs.

As you can see I'd initially thought one of these large wordbands would be the main focal point, with no photo at all...

... but once the photo arrived there was still room for this one, altered with some alcohol inks, to keep its place.

The breakthrough for me - from something which seemed pretty but not quite alive - was when I tried out some of these gorgeous Calico Craft Parts maple leaves.  

And when I remembered I had the tiny flower heads used on a couple of my favourite projects and brought them into the picture too... 

Well, that's when I started to get really happy.

And the final piece in the puzzle, the one that made me think, "ah, now we're getting there", was the rusty wire to hold the large wordband in place.

At last I had a canvas which hit the spot for me.  I hope it does for you too, and I hope you'll be back next Monday to see who's arriving next at Destination Inspiration.

In the meantime, do come and play along with Astrid's Texture and Embossing Pastes challenge (which all the DIs this month could also serve as inspiration for, given the travel bag contents!), and do remember to pop in on Friday to check out our Pinworthy Guests.  See you again soon!

Alison x


  1. Awesime just love gave me a great idea what to with my big stash of lace.thank you so much.

  2. I'm just in love with the texture. That lace with the crackled finish over the embossed words creates a stunning backdrop. And you did a fantastic job getting that "bubble gummy" color with the Distress Stains. Wow! Love how soft the color got the next day. I like both versions (with and without the photo). Thanks for showing both layouts. I have a hard time creating layouts with embellishments. It's great to see both options. Awesome make Alison! -- Mary Elizabeth

  3. Really pretty Alison - love all the lace although I am not the lacy type. The colors are nice together too but for some reason I just don't picture as a pink person. You makes are always wonderful and it is such a pleasure to see what you make and how you do it!
    sandy xx

  4. wonderful project, love all the lace touches and word stencils look fabulous too

  5. Another beautiful make, pink and all! Although there is pink, it is still clearly YOU! Love this from crackled, embossed background to the Calico leaves and lovely flowers and everything in between! Hugs!

  6. what a fabulous make! texture, colour, embellishments - all gorgeous!

  7. I was looking forward to this post already with great anticipation Alison, - you and bubblegum pink :o)
    Anyway, of course you solved it brilliantly and it is still so very you! I love all the textures and crackle, the stencilled words and the way it landed up in the end, all make for a fabulous canvas!!

  8. A stunning composition Alison, so pretty and feminine! xxx

  9. LOVE your beautiful canvas and of course Picked Raspberry counts as a bubblegum pink colour! I love how you've combined it with the other tones to create an aged feel to this and totally agree with your addition of the photo as the focal point xx

  10. What a beautiful canvas. I'm not usually one for pink but you have definitely pulled it off here Alison. Lx

  11. A beautiful canvas Alison, you may not do pink very often, but when you do you really put your style on it.
    Avril xx

  12. I love the lace on the canvas and even your pink tones! So much wonderful textures to admire too! You did a fantastic job on this beauty! Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  13. Gorgeous! Alison Fabulous stenciling and texture and you made real easy and effective work of the 'Bubblegum Pink'. Inspiring x

  14. Absolutely fabulous use of those travel bag goodies! The pink is just divine! and I love your composition. Jennie x

  15. So pretty Alison! I loved reading your process of creating a pleasing design - the textures with the laces, pastes and stenciling is beautiful with the dashes of color - especially over the edges! A beautiful piece using the items in your traveling bag! Julia xx

  16. Oh so beautiful alison ... i love this and you certainly rocked pink! Oh so lush. That lace is just amazing xx

  17. Wow eh!....and how well the brown offsets it and makes it so right. Love the combination of lace, paste, photo and flowers. It reminds of icing that was always piped onto cakes when I was a little girl.I remember the cracking noise when you cut into it. If you were careful, you could pinch a piece from a corner if you were lucky. Another triumph! xx

  18. Oooh this is soooo yummy really should do pink more often!!

    Donna xx

  19. and happy you should be Alison - this is gorgeous xx

  20. Love pink and orange tones together and this is a wonderful palette. Beautifully designed, very tactile a brilliant finished design. For some reason our Finnabair weekend came to mind. Xxx

  21. a fabulous DI post Alison. Love the finished result and all those wonderful layers.

    TFS and best wishes
    Annie xx

  22. The background alone is a stunner and your carefully layered flowers, chippies, and image really make the picture complete. Beautiful work, Alison!

  23. An exquisite (pink oh! :D) creation and canvas, fabulously made and decorated on all sides... Love it. A fantastic use of laces too here, absolutely gorgeous work Coco xx

  24. Wow Alison, I would not normally associate you with pink but this is fabulous! xx

  25. Love this, love, love, love! Such wonderful use of colour, texture, just everything is wonderful Alison! xx

  26. Whoa!! I would never in a million years put "Alison" and "Bubblegum Pink" together! And I'd have missed a wonderful canvas for being so bound by preconceptions . Your concoction of colors, and the paints, crackle, texture, and photo coalesce beautifully here - very evocative and appealing both to eye and mind. xxx Lynn

  27. So wonderfully pink and such fabulous textures! Hugs, Chrisx

  28. Gorgeous Alison I love how you have made pink lovely and vintage and the texture is amazing. Love the lace and added flowers. The image sits oerfectly. Love it. Tracy x

  29. You sure got your pink on girl - different for you! In a fabulous way! And so very nicely toned down. Love all the yummy elements and textures. A fabulous canvas! Nicola x

  30. Wow--pink and lace. It's lovely and vintage and good for you for getting that piece of rusty wire snuck in there!

  31. It is gorgeous, and my favorite color ,lol- Love it Alison, the beautiful crackled text, the laces going on the edges ,too, and the lovely flowers . The brown leaves frame the beauty so wonderful !!
    Dorthe, xoxo

  32. So gorgeous Alison, although you may not do pink often you do it fabulously! Love all of that wonderful texture and the addition of the Calico pieces and rusty wire are the perfect finishing touches. Thanks so much for sharing it, Deb xo

  33. Wow!the white pre coloured was perfect as well. You've channelled the pink beautifully, love the texture and of course using lace gets my vote anyway. Deftly done Alison...a sheer delight! Ruth xx


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