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Monday 18 December 2017

Destination Inspiration arriving at Terminal 3

Hello lovely visitors, - Astrid here taking you on the next leg of our destination inspiration journey.
But first of all, hope you are all doing well during this busy time of year, just one week now until the big day..... hope you are feeling ready ;)

We have a bag full of exciting and diverse goodies, here is a little reminder of what they are this month:
Product: Tissue Paper
Technique: Embossing (dry or heat)
Colour: Silver or Gold
Substrate: Acetate
Now like my lovely teamies Jennie and Sandy who posted in the previous two weeksI cheated just a little bit, in that I did use Acetate, but not as the substrate. But let me start by showing you my finished project:
It's a little Christmas lantern, that was gifted to me by my wonderful friend Rita.
It started out looking like this:
I began by covering the two side panels with little bits of tissue paper, - a favourite technique to create texture.
I adhered it with gel medium, making sure there were plenty of wrinkles.
Next I painted over both panels with thick gesso
And finally coloured them with various layers of watery Decoart Media Acrylic paints: Titanium White, Burnt Umber and Raw Umber, mixing them with baby wipes and my fingers.
Finally the raised bits were highlighted with Treasure Gold in a mix of Renaissance Gold and White Fire.
Time to start on the other two panels: First I painted them with Gesso and then added some Raw Umber along the lower end.
I added some Crackle Paint over the brown and when the cracks appeared blended everything together first with white Antiquing Cream and then with a further wash of watery Umber paint.
The crackle paint I used was rather old so the cracks were ufortunately not very convincing.
Once the paint had all dried I covered the whole panel with Paper Artsy Metallic Glaze, which gave them a lovely subtle shimmer, which unfortunately does not show up in the photos I took of that stage.

On to the next ingredient, acetate: I cut two pieces to size to fit behind the open panels, coated them with the metallic glaze and added a few dots with a white gel pen for snowflakes. I then glued them  behind the panels.
Time to put the lantern together, or so I thought, until after I had done so when I suddenly realized I had totally forgotten about one of the ingredients, - embossing! Duh.... what to do now? Too late for any dry embossing which I could so easily have done with the acetate, so all I could do at this stage, was to rub some Versamark ink here and there over the side panels, sprinkle with gold embossing powder and like that add some more golden texture to it all.
It is a very subtle effect, but at least I lived up to the challenge and used all 4 ingredients.... (I must be getting old).....

Add this stage I also decided to add some snowy texture to the bottom of the front panels and some more colour to the deer. I used some really old and thick Decoart texture paste for that.

Anyway, that was it, - I'll leave you with a few more photos of the finished project.
During the day

And in the evening when lit up with a large tea light.

Well thank you for your visit and as this is a 5 week month there will be two more projects from team mates to follow, - and of course there is also some time left to play along with our Winter Wonderland challenge if you have not yet done so. Nothing like a bit of crafting to relief some holiday prep stress...


  1. Fantastic use of the travel bag contents Astrid x Lots of yummy texture on your beautiful lantern and it makes for a lovely Christmas Home Decor piece xx Thanks for sharing such a great step by step xxx

    Huge hugs
    Annie xx

  2. what a lovely little lantern Astrid - wonderful textures and colors (and added embossed gold!) it actually looks like a metal piece! The deer looks beautiful with the light glowing behind him - a beautiful winter decoration for your (or anyone's!) home! Great use of the supplies in your travel bag! Julia xx

  3. So delightful Astrid, adorned with all that fine tissue texture and embossing, it looks so magical when lite. A beautiful fireside ornament.. Warm Hugs Tracey xx

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful tutorial , I love your art dear Astrid, and I enjoy every peice of it !!

    Have fun!!

  5. Your lantern is absolutely gorgeous, the panels are so beautiful and lit up - it is an absolute delight! You really have made wonderful use of the travel bag contents! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. You're completely forgiven for the tiny cheat - it's a gorgeous lantern! I adore the tissue texture - beautifully gilded with Treasure Gold and then those touches of embossed gold (well-remembered!), and the acetate looks just amazing with the frosted finish and those tiny snowflakes fluttering down. A really fabulous DI, by day and by night.
    Alison x

  7. This is such a cool treatment to this beautiful lantern Astrid! I just love the texture and gorgeous color variations you developed with the tissue paper. What a stunning base and so beautifully altered! Thanks so much for an enticing post. Hugs, Autumn

  8. Lovely Astrid, adore the neutral tones and the reindeer. Gorgeous. Tracy x

  9. Wow what a makeover of an already lovely lantern. So many wonderful textures and the embossing is just perfect! Great use of this month's travel bag contents and a fabulous step by step. Jennie x

  10. I just love a luminary and this one is so special. Thanks for sharing the details of how you put it together - wonderfully done.
    Hugs, Sandy

  11. Wow, what an amazing project! I loved discovering how you made it 😁. All the texture you created with the tissue paper is stunning and the lantern looks so pretty all lit up with candle light - beautiful! Wishing you a happy new week! J 😊

  12. Lovely Astrid, what a beautiful lantern... Stunning ! Love your description and step by step too and how you nearly forgot the embossing... Not age, just the creative process! Xxx

  13. This is such a lovely project, Astrid . Love the tissue texture , the neutral tones, the opulence of the gilding waxes and your frosted windows look just super. A wonderful piece of Home decor that emits such a magical glow. Terrific use of the travel bag goodies .

  14. Fantastic - this would look wonderful on a mantel anytime of the year!!
    As much as I love your lantern, I love the little Gnome the most!!! I do love those little guys, they always bring and big smile to my heart and face!
    Merry Christmas Astrid!!
    Sandy xx

  15. Such a beautiful and functional work of art, Astrid! You have used ALL of the travel bag goodies to perfection, in my opinion! The acetate is not a cheat at all. It's used as a substrate for those lovely glowing colors and wafting snowflakes, and look even more beautiful when illuminated! Well done!

  16. Oh Astrid,that is so beautiful and you are more than forgiven for your perceived missteps, this is a masterpiece! I adore the metallic and snowflakes on the acetate and the texture on the panels from your tissue paper and embossing is so lovely. What a beautiful wintery lantern to light the way all season long, thank you so much for sharing it! Deb xo